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Busking 101

First rule of busking? Play something familiar. A song people might recognize, maybe sing along to. You want them to like you, to drop money in your hat / guitar case / tupperware container. You want them to come back the next day and listen again. Right?

Try telling that to the busker that’s taken up residence in the subway next to my train station. He breaks all the rules, and then some more.

It adds fun to the morning, though. In the short distance from when I first hear him, to the time I emerge from the subway and leave him behind, I can puzzle over which song he’s murdering today. His guitar work is impressive. He finds notes and chords I didn’t know existed, and as for his singing style… Bob Dylan at a high pitch screech. He plays and sings with such gusto, you have to admire him. Even if you’ve idea what he’s playing.

It can take me the entire walk to the office, mulling over a fraction of lyrics to figure it out, and then I get the lightbulb moment. Holy f*ck. He was singing that?!?

I don’t have any footage of him, so I’ll share this instead. Titled “worst cover ever”. You may recognize it * grin *

Enjoy 🙂