sssSotia This time it’s my my left shoulder, and it hurts so bad, I’ve spent the past three nights crying and trying to get comfortable.

And today I had 16 people over for lunch, so you can imagine I’m not at my best.

That’s why I plan to spend the rest of my day watching shows and only moving to select the next episode.

If the pain doesn’t let up tomorrow, I’m calling in sick and spending the day with Cherry Pie. I haven’t worked on it in almost a month, and I need to get back inside Cherry’s world. Need to reconnect with her and her guys and lose myself in worries that have nothing to do with finances and corrupt governments and whether I’ll get paid next month.

In Cherry Pie, Cherry makes hard choices–one I didn’t expect her to make and one that may bite me in the ass–but she makes them with her usual flair. I hope you get to enjoy the ride!

Oh, and if you can’t wait for Cherry Pie for your paranormal fix, and you want some vampire-shifter love, set your reminders for later this week. Unleashed – a Fangs and Fur novella will be free, May 20th to May 22nd.