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Rachel KenleyThank you Facebook hive mind and Mary Dumas.  I had no idea what to blog about this week and Mary, founder of the Dirty Old Lady League (D.O.L.L.) and Nauticon made this recommendation!  As someone who rewrites fairy tales, looking at favorite and sexy cartoon characters is great fun.

My first thought was of Tinkerbell. I adore this sassy strong-headed character tink mirrorwho’s first action in Peter Pan is to check out her ass when she flies over a mirror.  Without ever saying a word, Tink conveys her disapproval, humor, and commitment throughout the movie.  I’ve been a fan of Tinkerbell’s for years and have a fairly (fairy?) good size collection of Tinkerbell toys.

jessica rabbitOn the complete opposite side of the Disney spectrum is my other favorite, the incomparable Jessica Rabbit who gave us important lines like “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way” and explained that “he makes me laugh” is a big reason why we love the men we choose. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kathleen Turner provides Jessica’s sultry voice.  I love the story that she was 7 months pregnant at the time it was recorded and feeling fat and ugly.  Voicing Jessica helped her to feel beautiful again. Jessica makes anyone feel special.  That’s a great gift. And I admit — I would love to cosplay as Jessica someday.

wonder womanOf course I have to include the incredible Wonder Woman.  Although I usually think of Linda Carter and the live action version of this character, Wonder Woman is first and foremost a cartoon character.  Created by William Moulton Marston, also known by the pen name Charles Moulton, was an American psychologist, lawyer, and inventor of the lie detector. From Army nurse to Military Intelligence officer, Diana Prince has had more jobs than Barbie and, as far as I’m concerned, she’s sexy and inspirational in both roles.

cat womanAnd then there are the “bad” girls. Poison Ivy, Enchantress, Emma Frost and Harley Quinn are all wonderful, but I am and will forever be a fan of Selena Kyle/Catwoman. She is the ultimate sexy super-villain. She’s powerful in every way – confident, physically commanding and good at a verbal spar. I love almost every live action portrayal of her (Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer are my favorites) and in animated form she can’t be beat.

Next time… the guys, of course.

Who are your favorites?

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