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How to get the attention of the Foo Fighters?


I’m deep in the writing cave at the moment as I race toward an editor’s hand-in date, with not enough words on paper so far. I’m bracing myself for a few late nights in the coming weeks!

Anyway, music is one of the things that keeps me going, and helps the words to flow, and who better than my favourite band, the Foo Fighters. I stumbled on this GEM of a video a little while back.

In the summer of 2015  a group of rock ‘n’ roll fans in Cesena, Italy came up with a novel idea:Gather 1,000 musicians together for a live performance of Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” with the hope that it would compel the actual band to visit their fair city, population of 97,131. Well, it worked. That November, Foo Fighters entertained those involved in the “Rockin’1000” campaign by performing “Learn to Fly” and a bunch of other ones at a small venue called Carisport.

This is the video that went viral. Learn to Fly as you’ve never seen it before.



And if you want to remind yourself of the hilarious original video, here it is too 🙂

Next time I post, I’ll share the GORGEOUS cover for my next release, Perfect Stranger. See you soon 🙂