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Eva2It’s Monday and I leave for a 5-day weekend on Friday. There probably won’t be much sunshine, since I’ll be near the ocean, and it’s gonna be ten degrees cooler or so than where I am now but hey – I won’t be at work!

Other than the weather, my only worries are eating too much, not getting enough exercise, freezing my butt off and possibly being bored. I’m waffling over whether or not to leave the laptop at home. Seriously, if it’s raining cats and dogs I can sit in the hotel and write, right? I’m sure hubby would love it….

By the way I’m still reeling from last night’s episodes of Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful. OMG. Hodor! Such a gut wrenching ending for perhaps the most empathetic character on the show. I know, spoiler alert and all, but man! Gripping stuff!

I have to say that the Khaleesi’s naked-fire-smug-stance on Game of Thrones was really something as well. That girl has some attitude and her perky-just-right breasts are probably every guy’s wet dream on Sunday nights.

While she’s not really my type, I’ve said it before and you’ll hear it again – Rory Kinnear is the bomb! His performance on Penny Dreadful is so open and honest it’s almost grueling to watch the seconds tick by, knowing that soon the episode will be over and you’ll be forced to stop watching the guy-next-door who can act-his-pants-off. Speaking of which, was that heavy-breathing-lip-lock of a kiss between Vanessa and the orderly (Kinnear) hot or what?

It’s enough to make a poor writer swoon!

Or give her dirty ideas… Heh!

Speaking of writing there is a GLBTQ blog hop going on right now featuring many different kinds of GLBTQ books and authors and plenty of giveaways. So if you can’t watch Game of Thrones or Penny Dreadful or would rather just read a book, hop on board and you could win some de-lish prizes!




More when I return….