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25246581_s_BWI get book hangovers from my own books. I don’t know if it’s bad form to admit that. After living in the heads of certain characters, writing and breathing and watching the world through their eyes for so many weeks, it’s jarring to leave those emotions behind and come back to reality.

I finished my most recent book a week ago, and I’m still reeling from writing The End. But this lingering feeling is different from what I’ve gone through in the past. It’s partly emotional crash, but it’s also because it was new territory for me. Nothing groundbreaking in the grand scheme of things, but something I’ve never done before, and it kind of terrifies me to put it out there.

Leasing Love is an FFM romance (I hear a 3-people romance automatically makes a book erotica, but this is a romance) about a couple falling apart, and trying to figure out how to bring their life and love back on track. They decide threesome because that fixes all kinds of things, right?

They figure they’ll never see their random hookup again, then his job is threatened, and their weekend fling is her newest business partner.

Since my writing is my passion, and also something I’d like to be my living one day, a lot of worry and feelings are tied to each book. I worry about how readers will react to this romance between two women, I worry this threesome won’t feel plausible, I worry the book just isn’t any good.

But eventually I have to move on to the next story. So I’ll set this worry aside, go pick up my next project, and form a whole new list of worries and emotional attachments.

And I’ll leave you with this unedited excerpt from Leasing Love (Available June 23).

LeasingLove(6)Liz woke up to the teasing scents of jasmine and musk. Neither one of them hers. She opened her eyes, joy flitting through her. She lay face-to-face with Chloe, who’s back was to Jordan’s front. They fell asleep talking the night before. Nothing else. All that build-up for such a simple evening. Liz didn’t know if she’d ever shared something like that, even with Mercy.

She focused on Chloe, who had fallen asleep in her dress. The fabric had twisted around her during the night. Propriety said Liz should look away. She couldn’t help traveling her gaze along Chloe’s form, though. Over round breasts, struggling to free themselves, down a narrow waist, along pale, slender legs exposed almost to the hip in places. The skirt slid higher, and Liz’s pulse jumped into her throat and hammered in her ears.

She dragged her attention back up, to find two pairs of eyes watching her. Her cheeks heated under the attention.

“Like what you see?” Jordan asked.

Liz swallowed, but couldn’t work the moisture back into her throat. “Quite a bit.”

Jordan whispered something in Chloe’s ear. She smiled in response, propped herself up on one elbow, and crashed her mouth down on Liz’s, hard and hungry. A jolt ran through Liz, starting with her lips, and sliding on sparks to her fingers. Her toes. Her core. She groaned into the kiss. It was like in the bar, but more intense. More vivid. She dropped her hands to Chloe’s hips, glided her palms up her stomach, and brushed the bottom of her breasts.

Liz was vaguely aware of Jordan moving aside, but most of her attention was on Chloe. The way her fingers tangled in Liz’s hair. Her soft gasp when Liz undid the top button on the dress. She was tired of fretting over every move. Wondering if this was a good idea. Both her partners seemed willing, and God, Liz wanted this.