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sssSorchaAlmost five years ago (Holy Cow!) I posted for the first time on Silken Sheets, and it was all about things I find sexy. I’m thinking it’s time for an update.

Meet Sorcha Mowbray

So, in 2016 what do I find sexy? Well, the same things I did five years ago. None of that has really changed. But, I’ve definitely added a few things to the list.

For starters, I’m finding some new things sexy. Like when I tried to make banana chips–epic failure–and a few days later my husband showed up with a bag of banana chips. That was sexy. Why? Because it was so small, but it was so thoughtful. And totally unexpected.

I have this dress I really like. It has a sentimental attachment for me and I was really upset a few weeks ago when the zipper busted on it. I asked the hubs to get it fixed, but he told me how much they wanted and I was like forget it. That’s almost more than the cost of the dress. Maybe later. And I forgot about it. Well last week I came home and the dress was hanging in my closet. And it was fixed. My husband has never been sexier to me. Why? Well, it was so sweet that he went through the trouble to get it fixed for me. It was important to me and so it was important to him.

That kind of thoughtfulness is super sexy. How about you? What do you find sexy? Tell me!

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