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KissedAGirlTwo women walk into a bar…

That’s not the start of a joke, so there’s no bad punchline to go with it. It’s how the heroines meet in my upcoming release, Leasing Love. The thing about this book is it’s completely new for me. It’s still contemporary romance, and it’s still got its humor and geekiness (parts of it may be drowning in geekiness), but it’s also an FFM menage romance.

My three love interests, Jordan, Chloe, and Liz, all come from other books and series. When each of them came out to me, I realized somewhere down the line, I’d need to give them all an appropriate happily ever after. Even more daunting, I knew I’d have to break Chloe and Jordan up at least a little before I let them fall back in love again, because they’ve been a couple since the beginning of my #GeekLove books.

Juggling two perspectives in a romance is hard enough. Add in a third, and my brain almost went on strike at having to give up the use of so many pronouns. I didn’t think it would be too different. I’ve written MFM menage before. But it’s always been from the heroine’s perspective.

Diving inside three different heads, and making sure they all got equal billing, and all grew and fell in love with each other, took a lot of mental gymnastics. And if you bribe her with cute shoes, my editor will probably confess I was a pest when it came to worrying I hadn’t pulled it off.

She assures me I did, and in a week or so, Leasing Love will make its way into the world. I hope readers enjoy the story as much as I do.



Trade show stunts. Melt-your-screen fan fiction. Tentacle porn—Jordan and Chloe’s brash, geeky attitudes have made them tech-blog darlings. But as the media asks what’s next for the camera, the two find themselves wondering the same thing in the bedroom, and it’s tearing their relationship apart.

Liz is tired of doing what others expect for no good reason other than it’s expected. When she meets open and carefree Chloe and Jordan, she seizes the opportunity to explore the unknown and her sexuality. The three agree to one night of what turns out to be incredible, scorching sex.

Then Jordan is falsely accused of assault, and everyone from his employer to the tabloids turn on him. Liz is the only person willing to stand by him and Chloe, and face the full-scale backlash.

The clock is ticking toward annihilation for Jordan’s career as well as his relationship with Chloe, and Liz’s help could either be their saving grace or the final nail in their coffin.

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