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You know that one time you forgot you wrote that book?

What? You haven’t done that?

Maybe it’s just me.  *Glances around nervously*

So I was poking through some old folders and apparently I wrote almost an entire book–70,000 words worth!–I forgot about.

Oh, and the best part? It’s quite the cheeky plot!

It’s a historical romance about The Earl of Stonemere and his unwanted bride Lady Theodora Lawton. Since he unexpectedly inherited the title and a bride to boot, he is determined to have one of those very polite society marriages…but she wants so much more. And more spankings are chief on her list.

Here’s an unedited little section where Theo is trying to convince her husband-to-be that they should get to know each other better.

As the first strains of the waltz sounded around them she held her breath. The improper thoughts she’d harbored for this man, since the first time she spied him, bubbled over after nearly two years. Notions of his lips on her skin—and not just her wrist or hand, no her thoughts strayed far more scandalous places such as her neck and her breasts—titillated and caused a throbbing dampness between her legs that was decidedly uncomfortable.

His big, firm hands tightened on her waist and her hand as he stepped into her body. The unseemly closeness of the waltz disconcerted her as he practically pressed her breasts to his chest. It was not the time to discuss their future considering how addled her thoughts were, yet it had proven to be her only time thus far. The dratted man failed to linger near her after their first dance and she expected no less upon the end of this set.

“My lord.” She ventured as he spun her around. “I wish to speak with you about our future.”

He looked down at her with those glittering green eyes. “By all means, what do you wish to speak of?”

She swallowed her fear and pressed ahead. “I believe that this marriage contract is as foreign a concept to you as it was to me when my father informed me of its existence.”

“Indeed, quite foreign.” He looked impassive as they continued whirling around.

She took a deep breath and attempted to let her sincerity shine through. “While I’d hoped that a solution might present itself to save us from this arrangement I lament the hopelessness of praying for divine intervention that will never appear.” She bit her lip. Damn it, she was mucking this up as badly as she had feared.

“It would appear we lack any hope for such divine intervention.” Not a single eyelash flickered on his chiseled countenance.

He humored her and the arrogance, the sheer indifference, made her blood surge and her cheeks warm. It certainly could not be from some unladylike attraction to the man. No, she refused to believe it was anything other than annoyance. “I propose that perhaps we might use these last few weeks to acquaint ourselves with each other. After all, it would seem there is no other recourse for either of us. I realize that you may well have had another choice of bride in mind since you were not meant to be the original heir, however, under the circumstances I dread the idea of marrying a complete stranger.”

“And so you propose with no recourse that we should acquaint ourselves?” The faintest hint of a smile danced around the edges of his lips before flitting away.

Really, did the man need to be so maddening? Continually parroting her words back? “That is what I suggested, my lord.” She restrained the urge to cease dancing and stomp her foot. It would make little noise in her flimsy dancing slippers and only serve to hurt her appendage as well as her pride.


So, who knew? I have an almost completed book I need to think about doing something with! LOL!

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