sssSotia What the title says.

Love doesn’t need to be defined, put in a box, measured, or judged. Most of all, it doesn’t need to fit your requirements.

Love doesn’t hurt. Someone else’s happiness has nothing to do with youWho makes them happy has nothing to do with you.

People don’t choose whom they love, but they can choose to love. We can choose not to hate. We can choose to care about our happiness and not attack people whose lives we don’t approve of. Who are you to approve of what makes someone happy, when their happiness harms no one?

There’s so much pain in this world. So much hate. Poverty. Hunger. War. People are categorized by color, sex, sexuality, class, income, religion, whatever. We put someone in a box that’s outside our tiny little world view, and we label them as other. But we’re all the same, and we’re bleeding. We need to heal. And unless we learn to love what we view as different instead of hating it—unless we see that at the very center, we’re all the same—hate wins.

If hate wins, we all lose.

So just… fucking love each other, okay?