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It’s where the money is at, at least that’s what folks are telling me. Audio books are thesssLandra future, the place to invest your dough, everyone loves listening to books now. I can’t say I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, but I can see the appeal. It’s safe to listen to while driving, at work, or while cleaning the house, which is nice because it can be hard to hold a book or kindle and get the dishes done.

Do you like audio books? If so, why?

That being said, my publisher is all about it and they are investing in my Desperately audio What You Crave (1)Seeking Submissive series. The first in the series, What You Crave, is available now. It’s one of my favorites, with a hero I’d melt for. Sigmund Bermudez is into ropes, and tying folks up in them, which is incredibly hot. Plus, the narrator nails the hero’s voice and every time he talks it slays me.  Want to hear it for yourself you can listen to the sample:

The second story is entering the final review stage, where I have to listen to everything. I’ll admit I’m a little anxious to get to it, but wanted to share the first one with Silken readers first. You can bet there’s more where this came from and I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s where you can snag the full copy of What You Crave: Audible ~ iTunes