jocelyn dex, paranormal romanceHappy Friday!

You know the warnings you sometimes see on books? Well, I’ve only received a handful on a couple of my books and I was thinking how fun it would be to write something that received ALL the warnings. Because ya know, why not? Ha

So, I was perusing one of my publisher’s websites and making a list of all the warnings I found on various books. I quit when I hit 26. It was too many! Here’s the list.

  1. Anal sex
  2. Spanking
  3. m/m sex
  4. frottage
  5. rimming
  6. violence
  7. forced seduction
  8. sewarningx toys
  9. menage sex
  10. voyeurism
  11. bondage
  12. BDSM
  13. Knife play
  14. Pegging
  15. Flogging
  16. Paddling
  17. Multiple partners
  18. Double penetration
  19. Triple penetration
  20. Light BDSM
  21. Anal play
  22. Public exhibition
  23. Blood play
  24. Breath play
  25. f/f sex
  26. impact play

It would be fun to work all of those into one story, but damn! I might have to use a different pen name on that one. So, I’m thinking I’ll pick about six. Having six warnings on a book would make me feel like a bad girl in a good way. 🙂

Which six would you pick to read/write?