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Eva2Hey it’s Eva here. A tiny bit late but things have been crazy. Sadly, I haven’t gotten much writing done lately, nor have I been able to publish anything recently. I feel as though I keep turning up places and posting snippets of works in progress and then vanishing *whistles and walks away*.

Well geez, that pretty much makes me a tease doesn’t it? Heh.

Being a tease is both good and bad. The good part is, you can bring a little taste to the table and then leave them hungry. The bad part is, if you don’t eventually deliver you get pegged as someone who won’t go all the way. Well lord knows my characters usually go all the way, in many different types of pairings. They get very friendly with each other and also whoever appears in their periphery. Not serial monogamy but sex games and/or exploration for couples, and often times it’s just one character wanting two relationships and not just one, even if their current mate doesn’t always agree with their choices.

In a story I started a month or so ago, Mrs. wolf shifter is so bound and determined to save her mate, she’ll kill herself to prove a point. I like to think of it as sex and death – but not zombie style!

Here is today’s tease!

blue potion bottle

In the twelve months since the attack that had left Dracon sightless, her mate had gone into a tailspin. It seemed everything that humans did, wolves were determined to do in spades. Including despair. Dracon had started shutting her out from his hospital bed, refusing her help. Saying he was no longer fit to be her mate. Demanding she let him go. Then when she’d brought him home, he’d put himself at the mercy of the pack, awaiting their swift and merciful attack. When it hadn’t come, and thank heaven it hadn’t since there was no way she could have fought them all off and won, he’d crawled into a deep dark hole and wallowed in his own misery.

Like a good, stubborn mate she’d pushed and prodded, begged and screamed, but to no avail. Dracon’s will was solid as granite. On the eve of the third month he’d been home, he’d vanished into the night.

For so long they played cat and mouse. She’d track him and find him, and he’d force her away, telling her to cut loose damaged baggage. Her begging and screaming and beating his chest failed to make him see the light that he was her mate, damn it, and he owed it to her to try. But her tears had only hardened his resolve to die. He’d quit eating. Bathing. Moving. By the time she’d found him in the cabin he’d wasted away to skin and bones. He looked on death’s doorstep. Would she soon share his fate? Well then, she’d join her mate forever just like Romeo and Juliet.

As quietly as she could she uncorked the bottle. The sickly sweet scent of Wolfsbane wafted into the room. She had mere seconds before his highly attuned wolf nose scented it. Lifting the vial to her lips, she poured the pungent liquid down her throat.

His face paled the second he recognized the poisonous herb’s presence. Shock slackened his jaw and it dropped only to be snapped upwards a split second later as his features contorted in wrath. Finally, her long awaited for name pealed from his lips. “Freya!”

She stood still as Dracon’s arm whipped toward the deadly substance, knocking the vial from her hand. It smashed against the floor scattering delicate shards of blue. For a weakened man who couldn’t see, he grabbed her and dragged her to his chest with astonishing strength and precision. His breaths shook as he held her tight. “Freya, no. I won’t let you do that.”

She licked the last of the burning liquid off her lips, wondering not for the last time if her measurements had been correct and deciding to buck up and take the consequences like a big girl if they hadn’t. “Too late, my love. I already did.”


Happy reading!