Oh my goodness, I almost missed posting today. I’ve literally just arrived back from holiday. A relaxing break on the island of La Palma in the Canaries.



It’s a funny thing, but I’ve never actually suffered from the ‘writer’s block’ people talk about. Words flow at different speeds at different times, but I’ve never actually considered that I was actually stuck at any one time. If my mind is a little slower one day, I take the dogs for a walk, let the fogs clear.

So, it was with quite a jolt I realised on the first morning of my holiday that not only had the idyllic location relaxed my body and washed away all of my cares, but suddenly a huge wave of inspiration rolled over me. I spent most of the rest of the week, lying by the gorgeous blue pools, overlooking a superb ocean, drinking a little (lol) eating and writing, writing, writing.

Who would have thought that a week away in the sun would inspire a whole new story and with such an inspiring rush. Maybe when people say they have ‘writer’s block’ it’s just the absence of that all consuming, “I must get it down on paper” feeling. I just take the waves as they come and enjoy the feeling. Perhaps I should have stayed away for another week.