sssEllaThe title of this post holds more truth than I want to admit. I’ve been absent, but not intentionally. I have so much going on my life that I forget. And when I do remember, it’s not my day to post. I’ve written five posts and planned to schedule them, and still, I forget.

Working FT again, my brain is still adjusting to the ‘real world.’ Not that being a FT author wasn’t real enough for me, but I worked at my own pace and had the leisure of making my own schedule. This whole ‘up at the crack of dawn’ thing is killin’ me. I’m a night owl by nature, not to mention an insomniac. Working ten hour shifts on fours of sleep (if I’m lucky) is making my brain fuzzy. Well, fuzzier than normal.

Alas, I’ve been writing still. Or at least trying to. I’m just as lazy now as I was when I was writing FT and there’s surely got to be a better way for me to plan out my time and be successful at this–I just haven’t figured it out. Four years into self-publishing apparently hasn’t taught me anything about self-discipline.

Speaking of discipline (nice segue, eh?), I have several upcoming writing projects that deal with that in the sexiest way possible. Keep your eyes peeled for news on those projects, pub dates, covers, etc. All I can tell you is–they’re sure to be hot, untamed and completely politically incorrect. My attempt at writing something less spicy than my normal works has been difficult and frankly, stifling. I’m an erotic writer and there’s just no denying it. I guess all this creative pigeon-holing has taken its toll because my mind is running rampant with naughty thoughts on what to put in my serial titled “Conflict of Interest” that’s planned for release late this year. I’m eager to get it started and share it, despite the fact that it very well may offend a great many.

I’ll leave you with that delicious thought and a promise to be more diligent about posting every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. More on the projects I’ve mentioned and the follow-up to Ulterior Designs (House of Evans, Book One), Interior Motives, as I get closer to finishing it (release date set for 8/15/16).