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sssShilohI’ve been putting it off for a long time. I received my rights back to Saltwater Lover a long time ago. It was the first gay story I ever published. I knew I was going to self-publish it but I didn’t know how much I wanted to rewrite the story. After waffling back and forth between minor cleanup and a complete re-write for the sake of my sanity I settled for the quicker option.

Saltwater Lover is now live on Amazon and Smashwords again. And even after publishing many more stories this one is still my favorite. There is something about my strong, deeply spiritual African, Kojo, that steals my heart. I hope if you give the book a chance he will steal your heart, too! While I do not try to show slavery in a positive light, I do try to show that people can change and that sometimes good can come out of dark situations.

Here is a steamy excerpt for your enjoyment!

Saltwater LoverThe captain pushed his chair back from the table. “Reward,” he said, “Stand.”

Kojo’s pulse stammered. It felt like a bird was caged in his chest, flapping his wings to break free. He had no idea what the reward would be, only that it could not be his freedom.

Mather offered his hand and Kojo grasped it, letting the captain pull him to his feet. He inhaled deeply. The man’s blond hair smelled clean and salty with a hint of fish. This close to him, it was impossible for him not to be stirred by the man’s scent. The captain came closer.

Mather ran his fingertips lightly from the base of Kojo’s shaft to his softly swollen tip. His eyes were gentle, uncertain. As though afraid to hurt him.

He inhaled sharply, undone by the simple caress. This was his reward? He’d never expected something like this. Dizzy from shock, he reached out with his one free hand to grab the man’s shoulder. Mather felt solid under his clothes. He longed to feel the captain’s bare skin against his, though the thought scared him—had scared him since the first day on the beach. He’d always imagined fear and desire were two very different things. Now he knew otherwise.

Mather gripped his member tightly, but not enough to hurt. “Do you like this? Hmmm?”

All he could do was moan. He hoped Mather would understand he enjoyed his touch. He certainly didn’t want him to stop. Oh yes, this was what he had been building up to before. His body trembled. Senses overwhelmed, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back, awash in the first pleasure he’d ever experienced. His cock grew in Mather’s hand, showing him in action what he could not tell him in words. He wanted this.

Mather slid his hand down the length of it, squeezing it, testing its firmness. He continued to play and fondle, watching Kojo’s face. “I want to watch you come. Come for me, Kojo.” Mather took his balls in one hand while pumping slowly with the other.

Kojo didn’t know what the captain had said. He just wanted time to stand still so this moment would last. The spirits had never told him this type of fulfillment existed.

Incredible pulses of pleasure raced through Kojo’s body. He panted loudly and his enthusiasm spurred Mather to pump his cock faster and faster, at just the rhythm he needed. His toes curled against the wood planks. His breaths came in little pants. Mather ate them all up with his gaze, his smile.

Kojo continued to brace himself with his hand on Mather’s shoulder. Tipping his head back, he let out a long low moan, his body shaking itself to pieces with ecstasy.

A hot stream of cum leaked out of his cock and shot into Mather’s hand. Mather used it as a lubricant to ease the speed of his hand. He continued to fondle his balls roughly, prolonging the pleasure. Kojo jerked and gasped for long minutes after, savoring the feel of Mather’s hand.

Once he was milked dry, Mather put his arms around him and eased him back into the chair. He retrieved a piece of flannel and wiped off his cock and then his own hand. The man’s face glowed. He trailed a finger down Kojo’s arm and then drew teasing circles on his chest.

“Will you keep eating?” he asked in a husky voice.

Kojo nodded. Goodness, yes. He would do anything to have that pleasure and feel that release again. He wanted to feel all of Mather pressed against him, the heat of their bare skin warming each other.


Kojo is a native African with deep connections to the spirits. Unbeknownst to him he is not fated to be a shaman in his village. The spirits have another plan—allowing him to be captured and taken aboard a slaving ship. The strong, devout man now questions his faith and his future. While a prisoner he meets Captain Mather, and during the long journey to America their growing attraction is undeniable. Lust blooms into something more dangerous—a doomed love. For when they land, Kojo’s fate is to be sold.

Captain Mather can’t imagine Kojo being treated as a slave. Desperate to spare him from that life, the captain hides him, taking him to his home. When he’s blackmailed by a mutinous former crewmember, there seems little choice but to sell his ship and pay. He is ready to give up his life on the open waves. Anything to save the man he loves.

Amazon Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Saltwater-Lover-Shiloh-Saddler-ebook/dp/B01IAR4HCQ/

Smashwords Buy Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/650079

It will be available from other ebook retailers shortly!