jocelyn dex, paranormal romanceOh yeah, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

I’m tired. Insomnia sucks. I’ve been editing like a maniac this week, and my brain is fried. My lower back aches, and I have gut pain. Poor, poor me.

Ok, enough of that.

On the positive side, I’ve made a ton of progress getting my reverted 3 book series ready for re-release, and that makes me happy. There’s still more work to do, but it’s much closer than it was. If all goes right, the books should release the first week of August. (But when does everything go right? ha)

In non-writer news, I went to see The Secret Life of Pets. It was cute! And the theater we go to was upgraded. They had reclining seats. It was awesome. I mean, full on recliners with footrests. Now, if that’s nothing new to you, okay, I admit being behind the times.  I haven’t been to a theater in probably 3 maybe 4 years!

Anyway, I’m done. I gotta get off my ass and get some steps registered on the Shitbit and then get back to editing.

Here’s hoping everyone has a super sexy weekend!