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Eva2Some of you might remember my spanking story in the Sci Spanks collection from 2014. That story featured an intergalactic traveler whose research involved visiting other planets and recording their enjoyment of punishments such as spanking. Heh.

Well for the spanking version of Sexy to Go, I am dusting off that old character and putting her in a brand new situation. This time, she’s on a long range ship bound for a distant planet. During the transit she’ll spend almost 18 months in Deep Sleep. Luckily, she meets someone who just might help her with her research during that time. Talk about multi-tasking!

The guys of planet Zantar, I decided, are blue. Light blue, with shimmering white hair and electric blue eyes. They make me think of an icy cold environment even though Zantar is a water world, so it has to be somewhat hot. At any rate, I went looking for inspiration for sexy blue alien men and this is what I found:

A post about the 10 sexiest men in Iceland – I like #6!

men of iceland

A bunch of Avatar photos.

This gal from a video game.

game woman bw

What do any of them have to do with my story? Absolutely nothing! Well, except maybe #6…..

But I have to confess, my love for blue men originates solely with this guy:


Desslok for the win!

In other news, I’m part Swedish and would LOVE to visit Norway. Have you been to Norway? Post a pic and I’ll send you a free copy of the Sexy to Go Spanking edition as soon as it’s out.