In January of this year, three folders sat on my hard drive.

  • Leasing Love
  • Renting Romance
  • Selling Seduction

When I started writing my Your Ad Here contemporary romance series, it was because I had a list of titles I thought were clever. I’m horrible at coming up with titles, so I figured since I already had them, this time I’d come up with books to fit.

The only thing I had for a story idea was a bride left at the altar, and a best friend’s older brother. Not much to go on. With a little help from one of my brainstorming partners (my sweetie is amazing at character backstory), it grew into a full-blown idea that became Selling Seduction

Three of the four books are written, and I’m starting on the (probably) last. As I schedule Auctioning Affection for pre-order, and wrap up final edits, something occurs to me. Without meaning to, every single book has a theme of reconciling the past with the present.

I’ve never considered myself a what if… kind of person. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at what came before and wondering what would be if I’d made a different decision. The past makes us who we are. It also has to be dealt with, and watching these characters work through their pasts, the mistakes, the victories, the glory, and the challenge, has been fun and heart-wrenching at the same time.

It’s also made me wonder, what is it that appeals to us about stories like this? Second chance loves. Healing from the things that have already made us stronger. What is it that draws you into a story where the characters have to reconcile their past with their now?


And in case you’re interested in seeing how my latest couple reconciles their past, Auctioning Affection is available for pre-order. Jonathan and Bailey wrecked me just a little with their story, but it was worth it.


The day Bailey got engaged was the same day Jonathan’s childhood ended.

When Jonathan’s Nana dies and he’s named executor of her estate, it thrusts him into his past. Her passing hurts so much, he refuses to let it show, for fear of losing himself. He returns to the sleepy little town where she lived in the Florida Keys to find it hasn’t changed in thirteen years, but Bailey has. His best friend has grown up, has a body that’s non-stop distraction, and isn’t happy to see him.

Bailey’s furious that Jonathan isn’t openly mourning his grandmother. The older woman deserves more respect than a distracted nod from an asshole grandson too focused on work to care about anything else. But whatever. The sooner he returns to his contracts and money, the easier it will be to remember she’s happier when she’s single. Nothing, not even a couple of nights of intense, scorching-enough-to-ignite-the-sheets passion, or a handful of wonderful shared memories, can steal Bailey’s heart.

A hurricane sweeps over The Keys, washing out bridges, stranding Jonathan, and cutting he and Bailey off from civilization outside the island. They’re forced to face the past that tore them apart, the pain that reunites them, and the truth that could destroy them both.

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