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sssSorchaSo I’ve been busy. Like hella busy. But I still have much love for you all! So, I thought I should give a few updates.

RWA Nationals. It was A-mazing! I loved every minute of it. I talked books and writing until I was blue in the face. I met so many amazing authors and even got to fan girl a little. It was so cool!

If you want to see all the pictures follow me on Instagram or Facebook and you shall see all the fun that was had.

Then I came home and wrote like crazy. I also did that before the conference. LOL! As a result I have Book 2 in Tales From Epsilon written and it needs some editing, and then I have a new historical that is getting a bit of a final polish. More news to come on both books I hope!

Next, I decided I wanted to have a place where my fans could hang out and talk about things. All the things. Book things. Life things. Odd things. Just no political things and no religious things, because those things get controversial fast. ūüėČ Oh and there are giveaways involved! Wanna come play? https://www.facebook.com/groups/sorchasravishingreaders/

Last thing, The Market Series is out in a boxed set! Yay! be sure to check it out and pick up a copy: http://sorchamowbray.com/the-market-series/

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