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It’s been a wild week and half for this author. I drove a round trip of 30 hours from my sssLandrahome state to Savannah, GA for the final year of Authors After Dark, and it was AMAZING!

Yes, there needed to be a word in all caps. I shouted that shit. I’m not embarrassed to say so either. When you get a chance to sit with two awesome authors in the BDSM Erotic Romance world *coughs* Joey W. Hill and Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnette *coughs* then you have a reason to shout.

When you get to sit on a panel with said authors and talk the life of a BDSM author, discussing all the marvelous and crazy stigmas that come with the title – let’s just say at some point I began to think I was living in a dream. I’ve been pinching myself for the last 3 days. Especially after Jenny Trout gave me a bracelet securing me to Neil Elwood for the rest of my life (I haven’t taken it off since). IMG_4962

Reader/Author Conferences are a magical place everyone should have a chance to enjoy. Not all of them are marvelous, but a couple I’ve been to this year have provided nurturing, welcoming atmospheres for readers and authors alike. There’s a breadth of knowledge shared at these cons, and all you have to do to earn it is be present and involved. From discussions about what readers are looking for to invites to anthologies – something otherwordly tends to take place at these events. Not to mention the special connection of sharing a love of a fandom, playing Cards Against Humanity, and confirming you’re going to hell thanks to a love for Hot Jesus (Amen). I will never stop encouraging authors to go. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been at the game awhile, getting into a Con should be on your list. Make it a priority. I won’t lie these events can cost some money, but the experience is everything.

I’ve got a couple more I’m planning to attend in 2016. Including: RnR16-AuthorsLandraGraf

ORACON ~ Springfield, MO ~ September 17th, 2016

Readers and ‘Ritas – Allen, TX ~ November 11-13, 2016

There’s still time to get involved, especially if anyone is interested in seeing what these things are all about. Who knows maybe I’ll see a few of you there.