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In the latest issue of Sexy to Go we have not 1 but 2 water stories. The first is Sofia Grey’s aquatic monster and the second is Pamela Moran’s elemental muse. Today I’m bringing you an excerpt from her story:

Elemental Curse: Water House by Pamela Moran


Renowned artist Dylan Kendrick wants the truth. Is his muse real or nothing more than the mist she hides behind? As an undercover cop, Amelia Barron has secrets, but the secret she can’t reveal is the one Dylan is determined to discover.


“Don’t leave.wet woman bw” Dylan Kendrick’s deep voice carried with the breeze.

She paused, water eddied with her, around her, through her. Her throat tightened. She stared at the man who lifted his face to the wind then angled his head towards her. His direct gaze caught and held hers as one edge of his mouth lifted in a half smile. He sees me? How?

“I don’t know your name, but I’d like to.”

Sea foam churned around her. She shook her head.


“You see me?”

“I hear you, also. Inside my ears.” Head tilted slightly to the side, his gaze locked on hers, he rubbed his ear lobe. “Amazing.”

Aunt Loretta had said they were invisible in their water form, something Amelia put to good use in her undercover work. Yet the artist saw her. She eased further away. The next wave broke against her, rather than through her, and her skin began to shimmer in the early morning light. She shook her head again. This can’t happen.

Concentrate. I can’t transform in front of him.

She yanked her gaze from his, and sucked in deep, centering breaths. The next wave swept through her. She retreated with it, sunk further into its depths.

“More than amazing.” Dylan’s deep voice carried across the water. “I saw you last night, in front of my gallery.”

The camera in the corner above the gallery door.

She hadn’t imagined that zap of electrical awareness. He’d been on the other side. Just before he and his friend had burst through the front door.

Just before she’d changed to mist and blew away.

“I’d hoped to see you this morning.”

She remained silent.

“Join me for breakfast.” That brooding gaze held hers.

Dumb idea. Dumbest idea she’d heard in eons.

A rueful smile on his mouth, he rocked back on his heels. “Say thirty minutes? On my deck.”

He pulled his hands from his pockets and, not waiting for her answer, gave a quick wave before spinning toward the wooden steps.

“Wait.” She hadn’t agreed to this insanity.

“Thirty minutes.” Halfway up the steps, he tossed the words over his shoulder.

As he disappeared into his building, she swayed with the pull of the waves.

She couldn’t have breakfast with him.

She couldn’t —


But she was going to have breakfast. And find answers.

To the how. To the why of Dylan Kendrick and his unsettling ability.

Then she’d disappear.


Get the rest of the story in Sexy to Go Paranormal out now!

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