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Eva2Dear readers

i hate to remain all sedate and boring and uninteresting and stuff so here’s a little announcement you might be interested in –

Sexy to Go has a spanking edition in the works!


Yep. It’s true. It shall be out … soonest. We are currently herding cats and shall have them … as corralled as possible … ASAP. Heh! Expected pub date is September first. So I better get my ass in gear!

Seriously. I just have to finish my story. It’s mostly done. Just some yummy spanking type pain-sexyness to finish up. *grins* I am enjoying writing this one, which is actually a sequel to my Sci Spanks story about the woman traveler who longs to experience sexy punishment in all its forms, with all races, to the ends of the galaxy. The original story was called For Research Purposes Only. This one, the second in the series, is called Deep Sleep.

Deep Sleep

Sexy woman leans on the black chair. She is looking at the camera. Pretty girl is wearing a black leather top, tight pants and high-heeled shoes.

By Eva Lefoy


Fresh from her visit to Utai, human explorer and thrill-seeker, Prishka, boards an intergalactic shuttle bound for Talu Prime.

Though she’ll spend much of the 18-month voyage in stasis, a sexy telepathic passenger promises her Deep Sleep will be anything but boring…


Zarack’s smile grew wider. “You do realize we’re a telepathic race?”

Memory slapped me in the face. Of course. How could I have forgotten such basic research? The Zantarians weren’t telepathic congenitally, but they acquired the technique as children through long years of education.  During all those sultry glances he must have doing some serious strolling through the recesses of my grey matter. The idea rattled but also enticed me. “So you’ve been reading my mind while we’ve been sitting here chatting? Picking up all my dirty thoughts?”

He gave a hushed chuckle. “Prishka, it hardly requires mind reading to figure out your needs.” His fingers traced from kneecap up my thigh with light pressure. “You do broadcast your desires rather clearly.”

He started to hum as he caressed me and the sound vibrated through my entire body, like being dropped into the most majestic whirlpool on the lushest, serenest planet. My eyelids lowered of their own accord as I sank into the clear blue water. “Mmmm.”

“Yes. That’s it.” Zarack resumed his humming, creating an invisible cocoon around the two of us, as though we were the only passengers in the crowded canteen. My head swam, floating on the connection between us growing stronger by the moment and Zarack’s half-naked body coming closer to me every second. The heat from his face radiated over my cheeks, his warm breath tickled my lips. Then, his presence seemed to dissipate into a fine mist and surround me with his undeniably sexy essence. Everywhere the mist touched me I burned for him.


*** See what happens to Prishka next on her magnificent adventure with Zarack, coming soon! ****

Happy reading!