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sssshilohShiloh here. I’m running late today. It was a frantically busy weekend. In fact, it was so crazy I’m just now recovering. I got to watch a lot of sexy dancers in the musical Chicago! I’d like to spank some of them.

I was a really naughty author. I have two stories in the upcoming Sexy to Go Spanking edition! One is a historical M/M. No surprise there, right? Well, the second one is M/F erotica with two couples. It is a first for me. Actually, it is a first in many ways. It is my first venture into the world of steampunk, too. It was so much fun writing the incubus Dom I’ve decided this story should be the beginning of a series.

Clockwork Dom by Shiloh Saddler


A lost succubus arrives in an incubus’s den who has a fetish for torture and discovers his mechanical and steam powered playroom. If she is to feast upon the sexual essence of the humans in his stable she must play along too.


He advanced toward her and gripped her right arm. “Play nice,” he growled in her ear, “and I will let you live in my lair.”

Her eyes widened. Sharing territory was unprecedented. But these were desperate times.

“I am at your mercy, sir.”

Garron grinned. “Good.” A succubus and incubus could fuck but neither would get any nutrients from the mating. They could only drain the essence of humans. Alas, there were other uses for a succubus.

“Adam,” Garron called.

The human male rose to his feet and sped to Garron. Standing naked in front of him, shaved head lowered, he asked, “What is your wish?”

“Prepare the bed.”

Adam nodded and strode past them, out of the great chamber and into the bedroom.

“You’re going to bed me?”

Garron tipped the succubus’ chin back so he could peer into her hungry eyes. “We both know there is no satisfaction in that.” Her smug smile slipped into a defeated frown. She needed food or her days were numbered. “What is your name?”


“If you choose to live in my territory and take advantage of my lair you must agree to join my stable and submit to my rules.”

“Be your submissive?” Indignation laced Telesa’s words.

“At times.” His fingers strayed from her chin down her slender neck. Her white skin was silky to the touch but too pale to be healthy. “You may feed off my herd of humans, but you must not forget this is my lair.”

Telesa hesitated, but her inner hunger won out. “Agreed.”

As a demi-god she was stronger and would heal faster than the humans. She’d be able to endure more, help fulfill his darker fantasies. His tongue snaked out and he licked his lips. His member hardened in anticipation. No, he wouldn’t fuck her but he would use her to get aroused.

“And now you face the consequences for invading my lair.”

***you’ll have to wait until the anthology comes out to find out what happens to Telesa!***