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Eva2Just how does one come up with a great cover for spanking boxed set? What is is that says spanking to people? Is it the ass or the whip or the cuffs, specifically that gives the most bang for the look? Well I’m not sure but here are a few images I thought might work initially:

spanking school girl bw

She looks like she deserves a spanking right now!!

censored for spanking cover bw

Well you get the idea….


And last but not least….

blonde submissve bw

Nothing says spanking like some black lacy panties!

But for the purposes of Amazon, we went with a less racy image (although IMO none of the above are terribly racy) so we would not get tagged “adult” and thrown into the dreaded dungeon. Thanks to cover artist and fellow author Tara Quan for the image on the final draft. It’s so sexy!

Sexy woman leans on the black chair. She is looking at the camera. Pretty girl is wearing a black leather top, tight pants and high-heeled shoes.


And now for a little excerpt from the spanking story, Deep Sleep by moi:

“Prishka,” he whispered, his supple lips whispering against mine. When he finally pressed his mouth to mine and held it, I all but came apart with a shuddering groan.

With his hand behind my back he eased me onto my back in the placid starlit water. His lips on mine, his body above me, we floated weightless in the sea. The outline of his rigid cock pressed between my thighs, ready and promising release. And still he did nothing more than lay on top of me, holding my hands above my head as his kiss went deeper. Deeper until I sank into the rhythm of his tongue and the rocking and sliding of his body over mine. My galaxy the man was hot. I’d never experienced a lover that could hold back so much as Zarack. But I didn’t want him to. I wanted to him to complete what he’d started and take me right there. “Zarack,” I whispered.

“Patience, Prishka.”

I heard splashing and my groggy mind registered the fact he was kicking. Swimming us along through the water. Toward something, or away from, I couldn’t hazard a guess. Reaching my arms around his shoulders, I ran my fingers through the silkiness of his hair, fascinated by the scent of him, impossibly turned on by his muscles flexing as he moved. I lifted my hips, urging him to take me, but he resisted my attempt to take control.

“Just a little bit more,” he breathed against my lips.

A few moments later we stopped. To my surprise and delight he hurriedly shed our clothing, his pants and all of mine gone in a whoosh. Then he was on top of me again, weighting me down, his bare chest pressed against my breasts, his hips to my hips, his hard shaft trapped between us. He grabbed my hands and held them in his, pinning them over my head. “Stay still.”

Biting my lip, not sure what to expect, I reluctantly did as told.

“Good. Now, let’s see how you well you like this punishment.” His pale hair spread around me as I sank deeper into the water until I was almost submerged. A tiny part of me worried I might drown, but I stubbornly waited to see what he had in mind, my curiosity too great to give up and call it quits. At last, I came to rest on a spongy bed of some kind, and I was sandwiched between it and Zarack.

Then I felt a light slap on the swell of my back. First one, then another, then ten more and then maybe fifteen or twenty more. I quickly lost count. They spread from my back over my ass and then down my legs all the way to my ankles, and gave off a light pinching sensation everywhere they connected. I started to squirm, unsure they were safe.

Zarack chuckled and swept his tongue over my lips. “Hold still, Prishka, or you’ll ruin the surprise.” He slid lower, lining himself up with my entrance and paused. “That’s a good girl.”

Slowly he slid inside, his thickness spreading my thighs.


* * * * 

Sexy to Go Spanking edition will be for sale in September 2016!!

Happy reading