I started a bullet journal in June. The Bullet Journal site does a better job of explaining it that I could, and as I Google images of other people’s journal I realize mine is rather primitive. Eh, it’s early in the game and I’m learning. I don’t feel as though there’s a wrong way to do this, but I’d hope by 2017 mine will pretty up nicely. I’m getting off tangent now.

aug9I set up a monthly grid of daily goals for each month. In August I set the goal to post one Snapchat selfie, which I would then share on Instagram and Pinterest. I’d take the picture, and mark off the goal on my grid.

You can see the entire month on my Pinterest board, but more likely you’re probably asking, “Why?”

Well, I hadn’t gone into August with the purpose of doing this. I had intended to start doing more with social media, but the idea of selfies happened after a somewhat sad discovery. My mother in law passed unexpectedly in mid-July, and set us all in a tailspin. That first week, we helped my father-in-law make arrangements and settle affairs, and one thing we had to do was find a recent photo of my MIL for the funeral home. We searched the whole house and found hardly any suitable pictures to send.

My MIL didn’t like having her photo taken, and while there are pictures of her with us, and my daughter, the most recent are 10-15 years old. They are good pictures and we’ll have them, but my FIL seemed rather sad that he had nothing from their last year together.

I have never liked having my picture taken. I never like the way I look in photos, yet family and friends bug me to pose with them. It’s likely my family won’t have much in the way of pictures when I die, unless I change that. Social media makes self-portraits too easy, and I know the more popular users may spend hours and lots of money to stage one shot. Me, I’m cheap.

aug5Snapchat, at least, has filters that put makeup on you and make you look like an alien. So for August I made it a daily goal to step outside my comfort zone and take a picture using a different filter. Not all these picture look like me, but I see it as a good start…and an indication to my future grandchildren that Nana had a sense of humor. Taking pictures isn’t easy for some people, I would know, and who knows what fall will bring?

Actually, I’ve decided September will bring book videos for Snapchat and Instagram. If you want to follow along, hook up with kat-reads on SC and kat2112 on Instagram and let’s talk books.