sssSorchaNever say never because never always comes. Maybe two years or so ago I said I was shifting gears from historical romance to contemporary and science fiction. Well…hit the brakes. Put it in reverse.

Historical Romance is back on my radar.

Even better for some of you, The Market is back on my radar. And the books are getting long and sexy. I am planning a series around a group of lords who are naughty boys in the bedroom…and swoon worthy on the street. Men of action. Broken men. Scarred men. Men who don’t know how desperately they need love. I am so excited about these books! And you might even bump into a few familiar faces from my original series, The Market. How about a little sample?

With each step, the shadows slowly swallowed them until they were as good as alone. Pressed once again to the balustrade, she had nowhere else to go. He stopped with little more than a sliver of air between them. In some places, her gown eliminated the space altogether.

“My lord, what are you about?” her voice trembled, betraying her uncertainty.

“I have done nothing but seek to ensure you are well cared for and to accede to your wishes.” The soft puffs of her mint laced breath teased his skin and caused his nostrils to flare as though seeking more of her sweet scent. “I am curious about your business dealings—intrigued by the notion of a woman in business, particularly a lady—and wish to see how you’ve fared. If there is nothing amiss I plan to let you continue as you see fit.”

“Oh.” The lack of trust evident in her stilted gaze cut him to the quick, though he knew the reaction to be outright ridiculous. When had he become such a nodcock?

“As for the outing, we have so little time I assumed an expedient result was desired. I am after all a decisive man. It comes from long years of military training.”

Her gaze dipped. “My apologies, my lord.”

Her acquiescence, simple and elegant as it was, ignited a conflagration of need deep within his loins that obliterated rational thought along with the infinitesimal kernel of concern for propriety that he had heretofore retained. Without hesitation, he hauled her into his arms and pressed his lips to hers.

The softness of her breasts pressed against his chest, the zing of citrus and roses teased his nose, and the sweetness of mint from her lips all conspired to inflame him. His cock hardened though her skirts shielded his evident interest. His tongue drove past her lips to tangle with hers. He explored the warm recesses of her mouth as she clung to him. A soft whimper escaped her when he pulled back to nibble on her plump lower lip.

Without warning something akin to feeling rushed through his body in a startling flood. An inexplicable need to sink into her body, command her responses, and have her at his mercy rocked him. He broke from her heat and stepped back even as his breath heaved in his chest.

Fresh air swept through the desire induced haze and cleared his head. Another deep inhale allowed him to slow his heartbeat. And a third gulp restored some semblance of his control. This woman could only be described as a detriment to his wellbeing.

“Stonemere?” The sound of his name on her lips threatened his tenuous grip. She must think him a candidate for bedlam with his wild swings in behavior.

In fact, I am so excited about this new offshoot I have decided to put Love Revealed (Book 1, The Market) on sale for the month of September. So if you haven’t checked out the series yet, grab the first book for $.99…or dive right in and grab all three books for $5.99 in the boxed set.


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