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How one music video inspired an entire series

It was late 2007 when I first saw the video for The Pretender, by Foo Fighters. The song played constantly on the radio, and I was already a fan, but the video just about blew me away.

Up to then, Foo Fighters were a take-’em-or-leave-’em band for me. Sure I liked some of their early stuff, but they’d never really been on my radar. Well that changed in around two and a half minutes.

I watched Dave Grohl singing his heart out, and a storyline took shape in my head. I sketched out the character profiles that night.

It took a year and a half, but I wrote the first draft, and made headway on the second book in the series. A year later, I’d drafted a 4-book series. Strong characters, rockers doing what rockers do, and ordinary people getting swept along. Add a healthy sprinkling of suspense, and people in danger, and these became big, gutsy books.

However, that was nearly ten years ago. My writing skills have evolved since those early, rough drafts, and now I’m re-working them with everything I’ve learned since. Technology has changed too, but the fundamental issue, the core of the story, is still the same. Will he still love me?

My plan is to get the first book out by Christmas, so watch this space  🙂

Here’s the video that kicked it all off.


And here’s a snippet (unedited)

Event Horizon #1 (title TBC)


She switched on the TV, and flicked through the channels. She knew what she searched for, even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

And there he was.

It was no good. Marianne needed another drink. She dug into one of her bags and retrieved the bottle of duty free vodka. It was room temperature but she didn’t care. Pouring a generous measure, she sprawled on the sofa to watch TV, and feasted her eyes on AJ. Even after all this time, almost ten years, he still had the power to make her stomach churn.

Oh shit, the video clip segued into one of the songs they wrote together, “Another Day”. Of all their material, this was her favourite for so many reasons. AJ stood alone on the stage, strumming his guitar lightly, playing a soft but insistent melody as he crooned the opening words. There was a pause, the drums burst in, and Sam’s bass guitar picked up the riff. AJ took a breath and belted out the words, his rasping voice almost hoarse.

Marianne sang along, in the privacy of her apartment.

Another day, another way

Another time for me and you.

I’ll find a way, another day,

To come and find only you.

The video finished abruptly, AJ slumped over the microphone, apparently exhausted by the effort. Behind him, Sam gave a wicked grin, so full of life. That was the image she wanted to remember him by, this live footage shot just a few months before he died. She reached for her cellphone and tapped out a short text.

Thinking of you today. Hope you are OK. Maz