sssshilohI’m still a pretty recent audiobook convert. I have found that I enjoy listening to other genres of audiobooks more than romance. Isn’t that strange? Sci-fi and Fantasy are great especially with sound effects for spacy or magical things. Non-fiction is easy to listen to as well. The narrator doesn’t have to do any special voices. They just have to read the facts.

Why do I struggle with listening to a romance audiobook? I’ve come to the conclusion it is because most romance audiobooks only have either a female or male narrator. Most of the time romances are narrated by women. Unlike other genres, romance is typically 50/50. The hero and heroine are equal. As a reader, I envision distinct voices for both of them that match their personality. When the audiobook only delivers on half of that I am disappointed. It is rare and exciting when I come across an audiobook narrated by both a man and a woman.

Do you find a male of female voice more romantic? sexier? If you had to choose one to narrate a romance which would you choose and why? I read a poll about this on Facebook and it was evenly split. That doesn’t help me much. I need some more responses to break the tie! Also, do you have a favorite romance audiobook?