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Rachel KenleyWhen I sat down to consider what to write for this blog post a part of me didn’t want to do it at all because I was embarrassed.  It’s been quite a while since I posted and although I’ve set a reminder for it, I regularly miss my bi-monthly post days.  That doesn’t make me a very supportive member of this great group of women.  It doesn’t help me or them.  And, in fact, each time I miss a day, it hurts me on several levels especially by not honoring my word or keeping the goals I set for myself.


I set them. I want them. I mean them when I write them. But if I create them for me alone (weight, exercise, writing certain number of words a week, etc.) I find that I am often likely to ignore them.  When I write things down that involve family or friends – no problem.  Do things for others?  Great!  Just for me…. Well, that’s another story.

And it’s a story that needs a different end – and a different middle.  I am closing in on a “big” birthday (okay, I’ll admit it –  it’s 50) and as I take stock of the things that make up my day and the things I want to have make up my days in the future, what I need to be more aware of and supportive of are the goals and dreams that are truly my own. I need to own my writing goals, my health goals. The pieces and priorities that make me… me.bujo-2

bujoTo that end in September I started using a process known as Bullet Journalling to really set out in one place what is going on in my life and in my head.  (the images are not my journals). I plan my weeks in a layout that I create, write out to-do and goal lists and then on other pages I keep track of other aspects of my life: brain dumps, emotions, dreams to take steps to and more.  Having it there, writing it down each week and reviewing it has made it more “real” for me.  Looking at it on a google calendar or on my phone was easy to ignore.  When I spend the time to write it, color code it (if I desire) and even make it look attractive,  I am finding I become more invested in actually doing it.

And it feels GREAT.for-me

So here I am. Blogging.  Honoring my commitment to myself and to you. And after this?  I’m going to write at least 1,000 words on my current WIP.

What works for you to honor the goals you set for yourself?  What help or support do you need?