I know, I know, my post is horribly late and do you know, I’ve actually missed a couple of posts too. First, I somehow locked myself out of the Silken Sheets site, but the gorgeous Sorcha rescued me. And then this morning, with my post all ready just to put up, my computer died. Died, I tell you. No drama here. Really. Geek boy was super efficient, but getting parts for computers on a Saturday morning is not always easy in the wilds of Shropshire. So now, it’s early evening and only a few hours left before the next post will be up and running.


So please read now. Oh, yeah and here’s a naked chest by way of an apology 🙂



I’ve not been quite as productive over the last couple of months in my writing because I’ve been head down editing and re-editing my books and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest. Both Gun Shy and Loving Lydia released in August, Gun Shy was a brand new book and Loving Lydia a re-release, then Bad Girl Bill was released on 1st September. With all the other work that goes towards a book release, I’ve been kept a little busy and just because it’s a re-release doesn’t mean these books get any less attention than they did when they first came out. I have edited every word again.

I have two more re-releases which I have literally just finished editing (whew!) and completed the final read through of the ARCs. Finding Zoe and Flight of Her Life are both due out in October.

I must admit to a great feeling of lightness once I had the final edits sent back to my publisher. I promised myself the weekend off before I would even look at my computer again, and then I remembered this post was due. And then my mind kicked back in to remind me of the story I was half-way through and abandoned to the edits. Now it’s raging in my mind and it’s almost 4:00 am.

Will I go back to bed for some sleep? Nah, sleep’s over-rated. There’s a new book to write!

Oh yeah, and just as an aside, my publisher just asked if I could possibly let them have the next three books in my Atlantic Divide Series. Like… now.


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