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Eva2Dear readers,

For my Sexy to Go Spanks story I chose to set the hero and heroine in a space setting. Now, I’m a long time Trekker and all things outer-spacey so it might not come as a surprise to some readers that SciFi is sorta a second genre for me, behind romance, and sometimes the two get mixed.

My love of science fiction is also 100% responsible for my love of blue guys. Leader Desslok anyone?


Just thinking about Desslok makes the whole Star Blazers theme song go off in my head!


So there’s a long history of blue men in my fantasies, and of sci-fi. But what of the pure white hair? Well, my muse likely borrowed that from Game of Thrones. As you know the House Targaryen is the dragon people, and they all have shimmery white locks. With a dash of this and a dash of that, Zarack from planet Zantar was born. Wa la!

In addition to an alien hero, I also wanted to do some un-earthly spanking techniques. Here’s another confession: I’m also a Monty Python fan. Believe me, I already thought about spanking fish. I darn near did it, too!

In my mind, the heroine was strung up and the fish were jumping out of the water and slapping her bum! However, I wasn’t sure how well fish spanking would go over with readers, ’cause that’s kind of a new thing. To be sure!! So instead, I tried to get a little bit of tentacle-ish action in there, without having the book tagged “adult”. Here’s an excerpt of what I ended up with:

“Good. Now, let’s see how you well you like this punishment.” His pale hair spread around me as I sank deeper into the water until I was almost submerged. A tiny part of me worried I might drown, but I stubbornly waited to see what he had in mind, my curiosity too great to give up and call it quits. At last, I came to rest on a spongy bed of some kind, and I was sandwiched between it and Zarack.

Then I felt a light slap on the swell of my back. First one, then another, then ten more and then maybe fifteen or twenty more. I quickly lost count. They spread from my back over my ass and then down my legs all the way to my ankles, and gave off a light pinching sensation everywhere they connected. I started to squirm.

Zarack chuckled and swept his sinewy tongue over my lips. “Hold still, Prishka, or you’ll ruin the surprise.” He slid lower, lining himself up with my entrance and paused. “That’s a good girl.”

Slowly he slid inside, his thickness spreading my thighs.

I inhaled in delight and pop, one of the suction cups came off, leaving a sting akin to a sharp spank where it once attached. Then, pop, another, and another released. He pressed farther inside of me and began to slide back and forth. Both of his hands molded my breasts, squeezing them lightly as he rocked his way to my apex.

Tilting my head further back in the water, I groaned.  More and more of the sucking attachments popped off. A little sting here and a little sting there, making me tremble and jerk with each release, until I was rubbing myself around Zarack with shivering, pulsing need.

Sexy to Go Spanks is out right now and just $0.99 so enjoy all the spanking you need!




Happy reading,



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