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Rachel KenleyNext Sunday I will turn 50.

I can stare at that sentence all day and still have trouble believing it.  I don’t feel 50.  I don’t (usually) look 50 and I don’t think I “act” 50, but that’s how many times I’ve traveled around the sun.vintage-66

I’m celebrating by visiting friends and family in New Jersey (where I grew up and where most of my family still lives) and going into NYC, which I love.  I’m surrounding myself with favorites, love, and things that make me happy.50-the-f-word

Something I actually try to do all the time.

But there’s something about 50.  There’s no way to think of it as “young” and I’ve been young (or youngish) most of my life.  I certainly have many more goals, dreams and desires to fulfill and many of them are in progress, which is wonderful. And I’m in good company.  Gen X is still thriving and changing the world in lots of ways.good-company

And yet…. 50.

According to Merriam-Webster, a milestone is:

noun mile·stone \ˈmī(-ə)l-ˌstōn\
  • : a stone by the side of a road that shows the distance in miles to a specified place

  • : an important point in the progress or development of something : a very important event or advancemilestone

I’m not sure what specified place I’m supposed to be going to.  I know where I’ve come from and I know where I’d still like to go.  My older friends say it all gets better.  Still, my 40s were great  – my sons left infancy and toddler-hood and we started homeschooling, my first book was published in 2007, my business was started in 2013…. Sure there’s lots to get better, but

It does sound old, doesn’t it? Makeup doesn’t apply the same way. The grays come in faster. Things are different and I’ll never be “young” again.50

Maybe it’s just me.

How did you deal with turning 50 and what do you like about your 50s – and beyond?