sssSotiaDo you have one?

I keep thinking I don’t, as a reader, but I find myself returning to Urban Fantasy time and again. There’s something about a kick-ass supernatural heroine I can’t get enough of. I like to be there as she discovers herself and her powers and chooses the life she wants for herself.

As a writer, I’m a bit more diverse. I have Cherry, my supernatural gal, who’s made some life altering decisions lately, but I also love writing fun, quirky contemporary romance novellas. And throwing a pinch of magic into some of them. And on the side, I’m working on something a little darker. More messed up. Something I’m not sure I wanna publish under this pen name.

The downside to not sticking to one genre is that touches of one genre bleed into the others. I can’t seem to follow the unspoken rules about what does or doesn’t belong in a shifter story, for example. A friend and fellow author recently pointed that out, and she’s right, but I don’t mind. I like my messed-up voice, and I like my genres mixing. And yes, I’ve written about a naughty Santa. (Not that kind of naughty!) I’ve made my peace with the fact that I don’t write best sellers, but I love what I do write.

Where do you stand on genres? Do you have a favorite one? And what aspects of it do you expect authors to conform with?

(Also, is anyone reading my posts? Would you, if I wrote about sexual positions instead?)