sssSorchaI’ll show you mine if you show me yours….

Genre people. I’m talking bout genre. See I write multiple genres. All hot, but different. The question is, as a reader are you hardcore about your genre? I used to be. Once upon a time I wouldn’t read anything but historical romance. And then I was introduced to Lara Adrian’s sexy vampires. Woo! Hoo!

Needless to say as I broadened my horizons in what I read, my writing followed. So now I find myself writing historical, contemporary cowboys, and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. And I have ideas! Lots of book ideas for sci-fi stuff…aliens and spaceships.

For me, I can read any genre of romance now as long as I get to ecape. I still lean toward historical, paranormal, and science fiction since those are the least likrly to remind me of work stuff or real life. I still enjoy a good contemporary especially romantic suspense or cowboys, because again they are nothing like my real life. Let’s be honest, we read to escape. To entertain. If the story hits too close to home it loses its entertainment value. It ceases to be an escape and becomes a reminder of all the crap waiting around for you.

So, as readers will you follow an author across genre lines? Do you already read across those lines? Or are you entrenched in a favorite genre and can’t imagine reading outside of it?