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I’ve come to a sad but enlightening conclusion. I have currently published 61 titles. I know I haven’t done much promo for them (especially lately) but I thought I would naturally sell some copies. I have a  few titles perma-free and hoped there would drive sales to my other titles. That has been true. I continually sell a few copies. I’ve decided I am now okay with this.

When Eva encouraged me to publish my GLBT titles I never had grand dreams of getting rich. Well, not often anyway. It seems that it is harder and harder for books to get any recognition these days. The market is crowded with free books, books in Kindle Unlimited, and the game keeps changing. Whenever I think I’m figuring it out and starting to get ahead things change. Amazon can bury titles if they want. The algorithms are never stagnant and I haven’t experimented much with KU because I don’t trust the number of pages read to be accurate. It turns out I was right. Although, sadly, the page read scandal hasn’t really hurt Amazon.

I’ve contemplated no longer writing. I’ve decided I will only write a story if it is burning to be told. I used to surf for calls and then write something for them. Not anymore. I am going to write naughty stories for myself, for my own pleasure. If I finish them and like them then I will publish and share them with the rest of the world.

I am honored by the few pieces of fan mail I have received and th.ere are a few sequels I’ve promised people I would write. I will still get to those. *grin*

As is evidenced by two of my latest Sexy to Go stories I now have a thing for sexy demons. What’s not to like about an incubus? I have more incbus stories planned. I’ve even starting writing one.

Here’s an excerpt from Shifting Sensations which is in Sexy to Go Halloween Volume 2.

Sexy woman leaning on the chairThe evening roared on autopilot until the shifter pole dancing competition. His mouth dropped open when Daniella climbed up on the stage and straddled that pole between her legs. He ran his fingers through his hair, eyes glued to her as she twirled and rocked showing off all her curves. Spinning up the pole she turned upside down her mane of blonde hair flowing. She was making love to that pole and he was jealous. Her dress rode up her thighs leaving little to the imagination. Underneath her dress she wore a G-string.

As the judge of the shifter pole dancing contest Daniella would win hands down. A wickedly fun idea crossed his mind. He hadn’t publicized what the prize would be. When the crowd roared at the end of her dance he no longer worried about being accused of favoritism. The whole club agreed that Daniella had won.

Breathing hard, her chest heaved as she left the stage. Hurrying up the steps, he almost grabbed her as he passed. There was no need for her to walk all the way down and then come up again. Though, he didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone.  He was a very private man.

“Let’s give all the lovely ladies who danced for us a Halloween howl.” He cupped his hands around his mouth and howled along with all the patrons. “This year’s dance winner is not a werewolf.” This elicited some boos as he knew it would. “Daniella Stapleton, please come up the stage and take a bow.”

Daniella’s eyes widened and she placed a hand on her chest. “I won?”

“Yes.” He waved for her to come back up on stage.

She hurried to claim the spotlight, grinning. “I will award Miss Stapleton her prize privately as I accidentally left it in my office.” Some of the audience booed but he cared less. “Please give our winner another round of applause.” They clapped, cheered, and howled again. “Now that concludes tonight’s special entertainment. The Halloween party will continue till closing so please enjoy yourselves.”

Taking Daniella’s arm he escorted her off the stage. “I think that was the best performance we’ve ever had at the nightclub.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

He led her to his office, unspelled the door, and allowed her to enter first. After she had seated herself in the large black office chair, he peeked his head out of the door and called for Aubrey.

Tonight could either go terribly wrong or terribly right.