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I love my newest release, The Naughty Secretary, as part of the Sexy To Go Spanking sssLandraAnthology and I’ll admit I love reading naughty stories.

With the holiday season kicking off in just under 5 days all thoughts will turn from tricks and spanks to a more festive time of year. We all now the insanity that is the Pumpkin Spice Rush.

My early Halloween trick for you is a quick excerpt from my latest. Enjoy the spanks. 🙂 CAUTION: Profanity ahead. These characters don’t pull any punches.

“The plane just unloaded. Are you still picking me up?” Kim’s question echoed through the phone, the sound smooth and deep, causing Benji to grin. He always reacted stupidly to hearing his Dom’s voice.

“Change of plans, I’m afraid. The boss needs me to work late and pull some stuff together.”

“And, of course you told her you had plans. Positive work life balance, remember?”

Benji scoffed. “Sure, Mr. Lifecoach, I just told the woman who pays me a ridiculous amount of money that I was going to be too busy getting my ass whipped and fucked to worry about her multi-million dollar meeting she has in the morning. She completely understands and told me to have a nice time.”


The sound of his name in that harsh, scolding tone shouldn’t have done anything to him, if he’d been normal. Instead, his spine tingled; goose flesh emerged on his back underneath his white button down. The tie around his neck became a choking noose rather than a stylish adornment.

“An attitude like that will get you nowhere.” Kim’s voice stayed firm, calm— in control. “Now apologize.”

Oh, part of him wanted to give in, to beg right there. He’d been trained well and wanted to please the man who wound him so tight. Benji’s pants were already uncomfortable and they’d only been talking for… five minutes. Then again, the reckless bit of him, the devil perched on his shoulder leaned in and whispered, fuck it.

“I won’t apologize for truth telling.”

“You will if I make your ass so sore you won’t be sitting on it tomorrow.”

Benji wondered if anyone could hear his Dom’s threat in the airport, if ladies gasped in horror or grew wet at the idea of Kim spanking an unknown person on the other end of the line. “Well, it won’t be tonight. I’ll be working. Maybe I’ll be available tomorrow. Let me check my schedule.”

“You’ll be available whenever I say,” Kim growled into the phone.

The fire efficiently stoked, Benji could predict what would happen next and it would involve no orgasms for another week for sure. Normally he would apologize, beg, anything to get back in the good graces in the hopes of finding release and receiving the pain he wanted. Instead, he hit the point of no return on the give-a-fuck meter.

“Not tonight.”


I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Benji and Kim. This is my first M/M story I’ve Sexy woman leaning on the chairwritten and I have to admit, I enjoyed writing it. There could be more in the future, at least I know Benji and Kim would like their stories told in more detail.

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