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sssSotiaI’ve been watching Monster High episodes and movies with my kid for the past three days, and I still haven’t got enough of vampires and other supernaturals.

Have you?

Because if you wanna read about a spunky, kickass vampire, the two hot guys in her life, and the hard decisions she has to make, my Vampire Cherry series is just what the doctor ordered. And what do you know? The third and final installment, Cherry Pie, is now out and still only 99c!

Oh, but unlike Monster High, there’s some hot, steamy sex in Cherry’s stories…

And here’s a teaser for you:

Alex raked the fingers of both hands through his hair. “Cee, if you’re lying, you’re better at it than I thought. Offering your unlife for a night with Cherry is kind of risky.”

His half-assed attempt at a joke didn’t make me laugh. “This is serious,” I said. “But there may be a way out.”

“Of course there is.” Alex slapped his thigh. His video shook for a second, before his face came back into focus. “The man is my hero. Now he’ll tell us about his brilliant plan that involves the two of you naked and him surviving the prophecy. And when you’re still a vampire afterward, you’ll have to forgive him, because—hey—he tried.”

When Alex and I were together, he’d expressed his distrust of Constantine repeatedly and aggressively. Now he grinned and seemed to admire Constantine for the elaborate scheme he’d supposedly concocted.

Men are weird, but mine are extra wonky.

“Actually, my plan involves all three of us,” Constantine said, and I went to my happy place before I could stop myself. “If I take and consume Cherry but she doesn’t drain me, she may be the only one turned back.”

“Or she dies from exsanguination.” Alex’s voice dropped to a whisper.

“That’s where you come in,” Constantine said. “The moment before I drain her completely, you force your blood down her throat.”

“So I’ll be in the room, while the two of you get it on.”

“See the big picture,” I said. “Assuming legend and Hollywood”—and Constantine—“have it right, if I turn human, so does my progeny. You get your life back. The council never found out about you, so you don’t have to hide.”

“You may even pick up a couple of tricks, if you watch closely.” Constantine winked at the screen. “Should you feel so inclined, Cherry may finally get the ménage—”

I used my vampire speed to flip down the lid of the laptop. Not the way to end a Skype call, as I always yelled at the TV when actors did it, but it was all I could think of, to keep Alex from hearing the end of that sentence.

“—à trois she and Sheena have been talking about.”

Portrait of the young brunette with a beads in hands.

If Constantine is to be believed—which Alex insists he isn’t—Cherry can become human again. According to her ex, the prophecy that holds the cure calls for certain things she may not be ready for, though, and his suggestion for getting over a pesky clause complicates things further.

But Cherry won’t be dissuaded.

She has lost her career, her life, and both the men she’s loved, because others made her choices for her.

It’s time for that to stop.

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