It’s been a rough few days for many of us. The pain as read on my social feeds is palpable. Some of us need time, some of us are diving back into work. Some of us are seeking out ways to be calm and promote self-care. Today, while I take a short break from my WIP, I’d like to share a list of things that help me through tough times. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Old Favorites: I don’t watch much television, outside of sports and a few recent shows (Bob’s BurgersDoctor Who). Working at home allows me to have classic favorites on for comforting background noise. I have DVDs of M*A*S*H, The Golden Girls, Dr. Katz on rotation, and Hulu for Seinfeld reruns.

New Yarn: This winter I’ll begin knitting another Tom Baker scarf, my fourth. I have one, I gave one to my bestie, and gave another away at Authors After Dark. I’ll gift this new one as well, likely to a relative who’s a fan.

Twenty-One Down: I love crossword puzzles. We buy up books of the NYT Sunday puzzles as we find them, and sometimes I finish off the day working on one. I also downloaded the NYT puzzle app and I am enjoying it.

Buon Giorno: I highly recommend Duolingo. I’m on a 150-day streak learning Italian and German. The goal is to either be able to do small translations or else read a book in another language.

Something Old or New: My daughter loves to hit the antique malls, and as there are quite a few in our area we make trips every few weeks. We may not buy something, but it’s fun to see what’s available. Sometimes it’s interesting to find objects from my youth now considered “antique”.

Dig In: Holiday baking season is upon us. Last year I made a ton of cookies and ended up eating most of them. This year, I am thinking I’d like to try breads. I have recipes for some breakfast breads that sound amazing. Savory rosemary and sweet vanilla…something for every meal.

These things and more help me through. Find your comfort, and take care.