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Eva2Dear readers,

It’s been a hell of a week.

I was home from work sick Tuesday and Wednesday and though blurry eyed and feverish, managed to get a strictly erotca short story published in Kindle Unlimited. It’s not very often I put a book in there that stays but hopefully this one will. Soon it will be joined by another of the Goat series, once I get the cover done, but for now the Goatman is on it’s own.

If you aren’t in KU, I think I’ll have another FREE day on Thanksgiving so you can grab it! Here’s more about the Goatman:


Every three years Natalia’s tribe gifts a young virgin to the Goatman in the hopes their sacrifice will appease the monster they fear. It’s said the Goatman eats his brides whole, but to Natalia’s surprise it’s not dinner the monster desires. He wants her naked in his bed…


Oh my word.

She licked her lips and studied the massive horn-shaped human-looking cock pointed straight at her. A little paler than the rest of his skin, it accented nicely the creamy white of the horns atop his head. Except it was tinged with pink and instead of a point at the end, it bore a luscious rounded bulb a shade or two rosier than his shaft. The pronounced curve of his member made her pussy tingle with expectation imagining how wickedly good his shaft would feel within her. It excited her a hundred times more than any human’s cock she’d ever seen.

From her position on the fur pallet she only needed to scoot forward a tiny bit to touch the firm flesh and examine for herself how much pleasure she could obtain. Straightening her spine, she glanced up at Goatman’s eyes and caught her breath at the blast of desire coming from them. No wonder he wasn’t sharpening his utensils.

He doesn’t want to eat me. He wants to fuck me.

* * * *

She catches on pretty quick, doesn’t she? Get the Goatman on sale here http://mybook.to/Goatman or wait till Thanksgiving and give thanks for all things Goaty!

Happy Monday!