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sssSorchaSo we are entering the final stretch of the house project. But I haven’t had a working kitchen since late October. We have literally been eating out every meal. My house is a wreck and so is my body.

<— Not actually me. ūüėĀ

As a result of all the upheaval I’m not eating healthy and exercise is out the window. I’m back to my heaviest weight and feeling decidedly unsexy.

But, we are almost done and that means I am going to have to get my life back on track. Of course that means refocusing on diet and exercise, but that takes time. In the meantime I have to live in this body,

43003617 - passion concept with woman hand touching muscular man chest

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and the truth is, I want to feel better in the short term. I want to feel sexy and fabulous again.


How does one go about that? Is it as simple as some personal pampering? A haircut? A manicure? A long soak in a hot tub? Maybe all those things. Guess I’ll have to see what works. Any suggestions for how you bring the sexy back when your tank is running on E?

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