Birthdays come late in the year in our family, so we have a rule that Christmas doesn’t start until all the birthdays are done. Then we have another rule (because we like rules). We don’t put up the Christmas decorations until each of us has finished work/university etc. Normally this takes us to the third weekend in December when we go wild decorating the house.

This year, however, things are a little different and Christmas is racing to meet us. Our eldest daughter, Laura, and her partner, Scott, are flying out to New Zealand on 3rd January to live. New jobs, new experiences and a hugely exciting time.

This got me thinking about the book which Laura is the inspiration for. A little comedy of errors…




“We need a hotel.”

“I do not need a hotel.”

“Bailey, we need a hotel. If we don’t get one now, they’re all going to be fully booked and you and I are going to have to sleep on these chairs tonight. I promise you, they are not going to open the gate any time soon.”

She closed her eyes and grit her teeth; she was going to be in such shit with Phillip and the senators when they heard about this.

“Okay. I need to go to the bathroom. Then we’ll arrange a hotel.”

“Nope. We need one now. Have you seen how deep the snow is? We have to get a cab, before the road’s totally impassable, and you can’t go far in those…” He nodded at her high heels. “…and without a coat.”

“You hold a cab. I’ll go to the bathroom. I’ll be really quick.”

“I don’t trust you.” He was already pulling her along after him, his long legs far outstretching her ability to walk sedately. Trotting as fast as she could, she skidded a couple of times on the smooth tiled surface of the airport thoroughfare until he turned and wrapped his arm around her waist and virtually carried her.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m being practical. I can’t wait all day for your little legs to catch up.”

Bailey gasped at the insult, but as she opened her mouth to blast him, he pushed her through a doorway into a restroom.

Virtually running, she charged into a cubicle. She wouldn’t put it past him to give her two minutes and storm in there after her. Ripping her damaged tights off, she balled them up and threw them into the bin. She whipped her panties down, and perched with relief, but as she moved her left hand, her giant diamond swung to the underside of her finger and snagged on the elastic at the side of her panties. She wrenched her hand away and heaved in a surprised breath as the elastic pinged back on her leg. She leaped up and

her panty elastic parted company with itself and her panties slid down her right leg.

“Oh, God. No. No, no, no, no, no, no.”

Her fingers shook, and she glanced anxiously at the cubicle door, almost expecting Sebastian to burst through and ask what the hell she had wrecked now. He’d be right of course, but it was beside the point. She shook her panties off her legs, deftly flicked them off the end of her foot and caught them efficiently in her hand. She smoothed her skirt, put the toilet seat down and sat on it. She studied the thin elastic, and rubbed at the sharp sting on her leg. She tried to focus her blurred vision as she tied the elastic in a neat little knot and gave it a firm tug to make sure it didn’t come undone.

Satisfied, she slipped them back on. She gave herself a quick check over in the bathroom mirror, and apart from her wild hair, she noted as she gave a quick sigh of relief, nothing else appeared out of place.

Sebastian leaned against the opposite wall as she walked out of the restroom. His arms were crossed over his chest, his attention firmly focused on her. She felt a warm rush while his eyes scanned the length and breadth of her body as though checking her out for damage. She pursed her lips and raised a superior eyebrow, so when his eyes tracked up to her face, he could see she was not impressed with his assumption that something had gone awry. He merely gave her a broad grin and pushed away from the wall, offering her his arm.

Bailey rolled her eyes, stepped forward and gave a shocked squeak as the elastic on her hip pinged open and her panties dropped straight to her ankles, almost tripping her up in the process. She slapped a hand over her mouth, her eyes widened in horror as she peered down at her feet, then back up at Sebastian.

His warm, blue eyes crinkled at the edges as he leaned over, wrapped his arms over his stomach and laughed and laughed until tears rolled down his cheeks, and his skin flushed a deep red against his burnished tan.

“Oh God, Bailey. Oh God.” Still laughing, he dropped to his knees and reached out to pick up her panties. The temptation to kick him while he was down was so strong she had to persuade herself to stand still, body completely frozen, face stoic. If she bent over to rip them out of his hands, the likelihood was, someone was going to get an eyeful of her naked butt.

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