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Christmas is just such a lovey dovey time to pop the question, don’t you think? And I believe there’s a high probability that someone got engaged today. In fact, I’d stake my writerly hat on it! So congratulations to all who got the big YES and it’s never to early to start planning that wedding!

For everyone else, there’s another holiday right around the corner to plan for – Valentine’s Day. Yep, it’s a biggie. Don’t want to wait till the very last minute to get a gift for it either. So let’s get started, shall we?

I’ve never actually seen this one before but it kind of makes me giggle:

Pipik-Ring Holder, Valentine Jewelry Organizer, Bachelorette Party or Gag Gift


Not sure what I’d do if I got one of those, but to be practical, I do need a place to put my rings and what better place than a rather robust member?

Now, I’ve also never tried one of these. It looks deceivingly simple but is it supportive?


Harness Bra,Jelinda Women Sexy Stretchy Pentagram Crude Belt Straps Bra


I can see how someone into BDSM would really like it though. All those straps and buckles! Woot!

This next item is perfect for anyone with a diffuser at home. It says it will wisk you away to a romance paradise of flowers under a moonlit sky. It doesn’t say if you will still have your clothes on however:

Romantic Paradise Essential Oil Synergy Blend – 100% Pure Essential Oils Blend for Romance By Aviano Botanicals


And of course there’s always jewelry. I kind of like this amber pendant with the nice sterling silver setting:


Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Design Pendant Necklace , 18″


So there’s a few ideas for you. Don’t be late. Start your Valentine’s Day shopping now – it’s the romantic thing to do!

Much love,