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sssshilohI hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I’m still recovering from the busyness and the sugar overdose. Now we are approaching the end of the year. It is the time when people start thinking about their New Years Resolutions. Some people make several resolutions in a variety of areas such as to get more exercise in the health category and to put more money in savings in the financial category. Other people only choose one resolution. I think one resolution is hard enough to keep. I like to keep my resolution broad enough that I have a shot at making it.

Last year was not a good year for me writing-wise. I was not very productive. I did spend six months planning my wedding but I still could have been more productive. I just didn’t have the ideas or motivation to write. Sometimes I wondered if I should give up writing altogether.

I now know that my writing career won’t be one of fame or fortune. I’m not making very many sales. I could advertise more but it seems the money I pay for ads does not even come back in sales.

So what is my New Years resolution? As you might guess it is writing related. My resolution is to at least outline (if not write) five ideas in my idea file. I was going to go for six but five is easier. I’m starting to think that just getting the idea down on paper might be enough to satisfy my creativity. Maybe I will keep more of my writing private in 2017. I started writing to share my ideas and get some characters out of my head. Continuing to do so might not result in many stories published in 2017 or it could result in several. We will see…