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Greetings Silken Readers! sssLandra

2016 hasn’t stopped delivering the hits. From publishers closing to celebrities passing, it’s been a crazy wild ride. The thing is time keeps marching on, it doesn’t stop for anyone. A person has to make a decision on where to go next, do the words keep flowing, do we give up. Shiloh posted yesterday on her resolutions, so I figured I’d give you readers a little glimpse into mine.

I’m not stopping. In the words of Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Dr. Lazarus: “By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged.”

Better yet, I think Tim Allan’s Jason Nesmith says it best: “Never give up. Never surrender.” (I’m a geek – you already knew this about me)

My 2017 plan is to keep pushing to work on the words. For my naughty readers, this will involve more BDSM stories, full-length ones. A visit back to the world of sexy, naughty highlanders. Plan on a couple more short stories, but mainly lengthier works are on the way.

Also, I’ll be back on the travel circuit. Starting with plenty of adventures in February. One of which I’m going to share the info for below. This event is perfect for those who are just starting out in the business or want to learn more about the business. Maybe you want to break out of the rut 2016 has left you in or in general want some other authors to give you a kick in the pants. This event is perfect for exactly that.

Authors Unlimited – February 16th-19th, 2017- Atlanta, GA

It’s both a Reader and Writer event, with panels and workshops, signings, meet and greets and of course, the ability to find new support for your books (think Formatting, PA’s, Covers, Editing, Publicity, etc).

The event is FREE to attend, provided you stay at the host hotel for 3 nights. (NO other Writers or readers event is that affordable, mostly charging a Registration fee!). We have a ton of amazing Writers giving workshops and panels teaching what they know about this industry (presenters having been part of this business 5+ years MINIMUM!) Reader events and of course the signing so you can write the entire event off.

Examples of Panels: What they don’t tell you… Frank answers from people that have been there ~ Perception wears the crown ~ Newsletters: the navigation of it all ~ Expert Speed Dating (talk to experts in several fields about their experiences – NOTE: More Experts are wanted Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, Military, Preppers, Mechanics) ~ Finding Your Feet in the Publishing World ~ Editing is Crucial: Panel ~ Demystifying the Hero’s Journey ~ Male Point of View for Writers

These are just a few. There’s mini-signings, evening write-ins. Check out the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/authors-unlimited-writers-retreat-and-convention-tickets-16057666914 and then join the FB group to get access to the hotel link. The key is you have to stay at the event hotel. This is a golden opportunity, and industry professionals are wanted as well.