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It’s my first post of 2017 and while I am excited about what the year will bring, I’m also hoping to be more organized about it all. 
1) I’m giving bullet journaling a whirl – it seems scalable so it can be as simpler or as complicated as I want to make it. 

2) I’ve laid out my 2017 business plan already…Kind of excited about that.

3) I’m back on the healthy wagon – not dieting per second, just making healthy choices and exercising again.

4) I think I want to get back to blogging over at my place (http://sorchamowbray.com) more…Get back to the journaling like aspect of blogging. We’ll see how that goes…

5) I want to be nice again. I think there’s a shortage of niceness in the world and frankly if you aren’t part of the solution you’re part of the problem. So I’ll be dialing up the nice…of course…

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