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I’m a writer, so writing should come easy, right? Nu huh.

A subject might be top of my mind, or prompted by the news, or simply a burning issue that I want to speak about. But other times… man, it’s tough. The blank page never looked so empty.

To save me beating my head against the desk (which doesn’t actually work as a prompt), I keep lists of ideas. Suggestions from other people, as to subjects to blog about. Here are 6 of my favourites.


  1. Make a list

People love lists. Nice, bite-sized chunks of information. I prefer the shorter lists. I find the 99 Ways to < insert subject > overwhelming, but give me less than 10 things and I’m happy.


  1. Write a review

I’m an avid reader and it thrills me to share recommendations for books I’ve loved. Same with movies. You don’t have to be a critic, or write pages, just be honest. Tell people why you were glued to a book, and why you can’t wait to pick up the next in the series.


  1. Events

World events or local ones? The world really is your oyster. What’s big in the news right now? How does it make you feel? Angry? Blogging can be a platform to vent on, or to share the beauty of something amazing.


  1. Show a video clip

Whether it’s your kitten being silly in a cardboard box, or a new pop video that everyone’s talking about, videos are fun to use as the basis of a blog post. Look, isn’t this funny / sexy / scary!

After all, who doesn’t love Simon’s Cat?


  1. Share your progress

Are you about to release a new book? Launch a new video? Tell people about it.


  1. What about you?

I’m terrified of… I adore… I’m addicted to…

My current addiction is the cranberry & orange scone from my local bakery. So, so yummy, when split and buttered. I could eat one every day, especially when washed down with one of their lattes.


How about you? Are there any blog post types that you prefer? Subjects you always click on?