Eva2For me, 2016 ended on a very down note. My dad passed away suddenly and nobody really felt in the Christmas spirit. You’d think that would be the end of my troubles but no, that would be too easy. I spent 2 1/2 hours today waiting at the clinic for my husband’s thyroid medication – only to find out they’d sent the prescription to the hospital instead. To top that off, the heated cat bed I ordered from Petco arrived – sans bed. I’m sure it’s a nice heating pad but….

Add to that the recent closures of Torquere Press and All Romance Ebooks and the additional frustrations and sadness at losing another publisher and a somewhat good market and you can see why struggling through the writing business might not be high on my to-do list.

So while I’m banging my head against the wall on these issues and the ongoing stupidity of those around me, why is it I’m sorta getting the urge to write back?

It’s not like my libido has been sky high or that I’m bubbling over with enthusiasm about anything. Hell, even making dinner some nights is a struggle. But perhaps it’s the fact that with a foot of snow in my driveway and more to come tomorrow there’s really nothing to do about it but stay home and …. clean? Ugh!

Yeah, I know. I could put all that pent up energy into home remodeling but you know how that is. Once you start one project you end up with 10 of them, all in various stages of completion. It’s madness!

But a story, now, I do have an idea where that will end up. In fact, I’ve been thinking again about a bunch of lads crash landed on a planet where the humans there might not be what they seem. A twisty-turny little tale involving lots of nekkid mens. Ooh!

At least it’s something to do besides home improvement projects!


On the bright side I’ve made some new friends with other authors affected by the recent closures and am looking forward to putting out another copy of Sexy to Go in the near future.

All, apparently is not lost!

More later,