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sssshilohThe world has turned very negative lately. People can’t seem to get along. Social Media can be a depressing place these days. Well, depressing or aggravating. So many people have now gone total political. I really don’t know what to do. The world right now feels like a very uncertain place. Uncertainty can breed discontent and anxiety. Oh, my!

I do not have TV. So when I want an escape I pick up a book (I think I own a million paperbacks) or I pick up my Kindle. What is the best part about reading a romance? No matter how dark and bleak the hero and heroine’s lives are I know that they are going to have a happy ending! I crave happy endings right now. I’m writing on multiple WIPs at the moment. That means that none of them are anywhere close to being done. *head slap* But I want to give my characters happy endings. Doing so gives me a rush, it picks up my spirits. I can’t do much to change the world outside. The lives of my characters are in my control.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve gravitated more toward sweet romances. I know that this blog caters more to erotic romance and erotica but there is something to be said about a Hallmark movie or a similar book. They aren’t dark. Often they have humor. I even find the lack of curse words refreshing. Sure, these stories are not true to life and they often involve putting on rose colored glasses. Still, with what’s going on in the world right now I don’t think rose colored glasses are bad.

Do you write sweet romance? YA romance? Blue Swan Publishing is currently open to new authors.

blueswanBlue Swan is actively seeking Inspirational and/or Sweet themed manuscripts, contemporary to Historical to cover our romance genre at Blue Swan Publishing. Think Hallmark Hall of Fame, Janette Oke, Little House on the Prairie, etc. We are looking for sweet, traditional romance with strong, irresistible characters. Romance at its best with endless possibilities of love, life, and happiness.

We are also seeking Mysteries/suspense, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy genres that fall under that inspirational umbrella. Many of the End Time or Apocalypse books fall under the Science Fiction sub-genre.

And finally, we are also seeking manuscripts in the Young Adult category of all genres.

Blue Swan Publishing is a full service, royalty paying eBook Publisher, an imprint of Ten West Publishing.

You can read more about their submissions here.