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I’m hard at work on the long awaited Out of Time #3 – Juliet’s Soldier, at the moment. It’s early days,  but it’s going well. I love it when a strong man is brought to his knees by an even stronger woman. In this case, Lt Marc Gallagher has no idea who he’s going up against with Juliet Delafield. Uh huh. I’m going to make him squirm *evil laughter*

Anyway. I’m scheduled to post in here today, and I don’t want to miss that, but I also have a really fun scene to write in the story… you can see my dilemma.

The solution is simple.

I turn to Pinterest when I want inspiration, and here’s a cute board to divert you with. What could be more inspirational than Hot Dudes with Kitties. Really, the title says it all. Enjoy!


It’s okay, you can thank me later 🙂